Welcome to the A Week in the Life Project 15-1
A Flat Connections Project for students of around age 8-12
‘A Week in the Life...’ is part of the Flat Connections group of global projects.

The aim of this project is also to explore global issues and to foster meaningful discussion and sharing between students. Outcomes will include student-driven solutions shared through creative use of technology.

THEME: Environmental Issues

Essential questions we aim to answer:

  1. What are the similarities and differences among the environment around the world?
  2. How can we connect with each other through our commonalities?
  3. How does your geography, history and lifestyle of where you live impact your environment?
  4. What are essential solutions to researched global issues and how can we share these?

Project Classrooms

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Newmarket School
Sonya Van Schaijik
New Zealand

American Pacific International School, Chiang Mai, Thailand
John Keisker

APIS Grade 5.jpg
Anglo-American School of Sofia
Christine Szeryk
external image m_56560_AAS_Sofia_228_1.jpg

external image kinder-aas.jpg
Norwood Primary School,
Daniela Lawlor
Marissa Ruolle
Robyn Allen

Rooms 13 and 14

Lincoln School
Kathmandu, Nepal
Mr. Brian Fawcett
Ms. Sudha Rajouria


Cathedral of St. Raymond School
Joliet, IL
Mrs. Marlene Hinthorn
Mrs. Sue Neumann
tower logo.JPG

photo (2).JPG